Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let's Get a Physical, Physical

This year, the school is requiring marching band members to get physicals due to the strenuous and long practices and performances in the heat. Many people don't realize just how much work it is to be in marching band and color guard. We're talking 8 - 10 hour practices per day, several days a week in the brutal Oklahoma heat. It is not uncommon to pass out or vomit during these summer practices. I really admire these kids for all their hard work. And, you know what? They are dedicated and they LOVE what they do! Anyway, we went to get Natalie's physical done, and got the "all clear" for fall guard!

a healthy Natalie is a happy Natalie

And now that she's got the all clear, practice is in full swing. She got to go to guard camp in Muskogee on Saturday, and she really enjoyed it.

She's also teaching Emily flag skills. Emily wants to be a guard girl too, and she will be eligible to audition next May! Hard to believe that this time next year, I could have 2 guard girls!

future guard girl?

Natalie tossing a double

my 2 flag girls

Practice makes perfect.

I'm excited for the upcoming fall season - it really is so much fun to watch the band perform! It will be really neat if Emily and Natalie get to have a couple of years in guard together. I hope that it will strengthen their bond as sisters and friends.

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  1. How fun sweet that she's helping Emily! It'll be awesome when they are in Gaurd together. Payton is wanting lessons too. =)