Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family Fun at the Kiddie Park

My sister-in-law, Tracy, planned a family road trip to Bartlesville to eat at a bbq restaurant and visit the Kiddie Park. I have heard a lot about the kiddie park, but we had never been. I did know that it was meant more for smaller kids, so Billy decided to stay home with the girls. I thought they might get a little bored. It is a really neat place, and I wish I had known about it years ago! They have about 18 rides (like I said, mostly for the 8 and under crowd). Admission is free and ride tickets are about .25 each. (The more you buy, the bigger the discount) Rides are 2 tickets each. It was a cute little park!

But, first we went and chowed down at a place called Dink's Barbecue. When you first walk in, there's a giant moose head on the wall.
Stephen and Mr. (or is it Mrs.?) Moose
Eating out with our family is always an adventure! Shortly after we got our drinks, my almost 4 year old niece, Addi accidentally knocked over her daddy's full mug of root beer. Tracy reflexively reached out to stop the flow of pop and immediately knocked over her own full mug! LOL...and guess who was right across from her...well, it WAS warm outside, so cooling off with a lapful of ice won't hurt, right? Our waitress was very sweet about our mess.
The Wideman Family shortly AFTER the pop clean up
Here's Addi and her Daddy or as we call him around here, Uncle Jason

After we ate, we headed to the park. The boys decided to ride the biplanes first.
Stephen ended up in the backseat of this plane

Payton and Evan

Stephen had a short burst of disappointment as he got denied admission onto the swings and the bumper cars (he was too tall.) So, we met up with Aunt Ashley, Jessi, and Papa, and got in line for the roller coaster.
Jessi, Stephen, Addi, Aunt Ashley, Papa, and Karsyn waiting patiently

There they go!
Evan, Stephen, Papa, Karsyn, and Aunt Ashley loved it...Addi was not so fond. She was on Aunt Ashley like a spider monkey!
Payton and Jessi had to wait for the next round, but they got to ride in the very front! I love how Jessi has her arms straight up in the air!
Stephen and Evan on the "spinning ride." I can't remember what it was called...You turn the little wheel in the middle to make it spin faster, and we teased the boys because they just couldn't seem to get it going very fast! The girls went way faster!
Aunt Ashley, Jessi, and Payton - there was a point where they were going so fast that Aunt Ashley couldn't even sit up! She looked like she was going to puke, lol! Luckily everybody kept their barbecue down!

Next, I took the boys to ride the rockets.

I love this picture of Stephen...you can see the joy on his face!

Next, Uncle Jason, Evan, Stephen and I got on the train. The train takes a tour all around the park. 


Stephen and Evan - best buds and cousins!

Next stop was the carousel...and I got to ride too!


It was getting late and we had just a few tickets left, so we decided to ride the carousel one more time with the girls.


It was a really fun night! On top of that, Aunt Tracy and Uncle Jason had invited Stephen to come home with them and spend the night. I hear that they had a great time (with little sleep) and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then shopping for swimsuits. Aunt Tracy bought Stephen some very nice trunks. When Stephen got home the next day, he took a nice long nap! :)

I love spending time with my family - I might only be related to them by marriage, but I love them the same as if we were blood related. God sure blessed me in the family department!


  1. Ohh!!! You know we love you too! It was a really fun night. And, I'm so sorry that you got soaked. =)

  2. And BTW, I must need to get my eyes checked, because I totally missed the moose. How did I do that? LOL