Tuesday, October 12, 2010

15 Things about me that you might not know

I'm totally stealing this idea from my friend, Elizabeth - :) But I think it's a fun way to really get to know people. Post 15 little known facts about yourself.

1.) I am very OCD about the way I eat. When I eat a meal, I will only eat one thing at a time (no "mixing bites") and in order of what I like least to best. I feel distressed if I try to break this rule. It drives Billy bonkers, because if we're at a restaurant or something and he asks me how something is, I am still eating the side dishes. He'll say "just take a quick bite and see!" And I can't...it bothers me too much. Yes, I know this is weird...

2.) I love to read cookbooks and recipes, but I don't really like to cook. Maybe if I had more time, I would like it.

3.) I am totally emetophobic (phobia of vomiting). If I hear that someone in the kids class got sick at school, I totally freak out, and make them wash like crazy. And then I wash like crazy. I am fully aware that if they were exposed to the germs in the morning, my making them wash their hands after school might be too late. But, it makes me feel better. If someone even posts on facebook that they puked or their kids puked, it makes me feel panicky. If I get sick - I will do EVERYTHING in my power to not vomit. Even if I know it will make me feel better. I keep a bottle of Phenergan anti emetic in my purse in case I feel nauseous.

4.) I hate math, and truly stink at algebra. But I can add/subtract/multiply/divide, figure percentages, and fractions in my head really fast. I think it's from being a big sale shopper, lol!

5.) I am very shy and find it very hard to approach people in person, but online I'm very social. I belong to a few discussion boards and of course, facebook a lot. I have made lots of friends online - which leads me to #6...

6.) A few years ago, I did something I said I'd NEVER do - I met someone from one of my online forums in person. I was scared to do this - I mean, you never know about people online. (we met in a very public place, lol) And guess what? She is one of my bestest friends now!! And since then, I've met several more from my online group, and they've also become some of my dearest friends!

7.) I love doing laundry. I don't know why. I love the smell of clean clothes. I love folding clothes; I find it relaxing. Now putting them away on the other hand...not so much, lol.

8.) I can't sleep without a fan or some kind of white noise.

9.) I like even numbers. Like if I'm at the gas pump, I have to top off the tank to an even dollar amount. I absolutely hate it when it goes slightly over. Also, when leaving a tip in a restaurant with my debit card, I always make it an even total amount.

10.) I can't sleep without socks on my feet. Even in the summer time. My feet always get cold and it makes the rest of me cold.

11.) I can tell you the price of just about everything i've bought and a lot of items in the grocery store. Again, it's because I'm a coupon shopper.

12.) I'm addicted to just about any pumpkin foods - pumpkin pie, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, and of COURSE, pumpkin spice latte! And I've been on a serious hunt for pumpkin pie pop tarts!

13.) I haven't had a vision screening since I was in 5th grade. Yes, I know, I know. We don't have vision insurance, so it's just something that gets pushed to the bottom of the list...

14.) I love to make lists. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something if I can mark it off a list!

15.) Last, but not least, my family is my life. But, I'm sure you already knew that! ;o)

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  1. I feel like I've commented on this blog like four times, but it's never there!

    I used to eat like that too! And I LOVE lists! I'm the same way with white noise too, when my boyfriend and I first started getting serious, I bought a fan for his room because I couldn't tolerate staying there without one lol.