Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My hats off to homeschool moms - and all teachers!

I am sitting here flanked on one side by Natalie who needs help with Pre AP math, and on the other by Stephen who has to write 20 sentences for 20 spelling words. And.I.am.going.insane. It is at these moments when I think "how do homeschooling moms and dads do what they do without losing their minds?" I know, they have the patience of Job. Well, I was not blessed with an abundance of this particular virtue. I could never in a million years do this all day, every day without needing to be sent away to a padded cell in a nifty little straightjacket!

My little Stephen is very capable of doing his work without a problem. But, he HATES it! If I leave him on his own to do his own work, he will take 3 hours. He gets up and down, up and down, and finds a million excuses to do other things. So, I have to sit next to him while he does it, to keep him on task. So, instead of taking 3 hours, it might take 1 1/2, lol.

I may not win Mother of the Year by saying this (not that I was a contender, anyway...), but helping my kids with their homework is mind numbing to me. I am trying my best to be very patient and as helpful as I can, I just occasionally have to leave the room to stifle a small scream, lol. Just kidding, kind of.

Seriously though, I am totally in awe of all my homeschool mommy friends, and all teachers. You have my utmost respect! Now, back to spelling sentences. Here are my sentences for Stephen's spelling words...

1. light - I've seen the light - I am not cut out to be a teacher!

2. high - My husband would think I was high if I suggested homeschooling.

3. sight - The sight of a finished homework sheet makes my heart flutter!

4. wild - You guessed it, I'm not too wild about elementary school homework.

5. mind - Second grade homework makes me lose my mind.

6. dry - During homework time, there is not a dry eye in the house.

7. cry - Seventh grade algebra makes me want to cry.

8. try - I will try my best not to run screaming from the house right now.

9. tie - If Stephen keeps getting up from the table, I might have to tie him to his chair.

10. lie - I will not lie - I hate homework (in case you haven't already figured it out.)

11. stay - Alright, I will stay at the table until all homework is done.

12. wait - Wait, what do you mean you have math homework too?

13. group - What group of teachers thinks it's fun to write spelling words 10 times each?

14. only - Only a saint could actually stay home and teach their kids while doing everything else they do.

15. wind - Breaking wind at the table is not funny after the 10th time, alright?

16. hid - It is moments like these that I remember why I hid that chocolate stash.

17. trick - Don't let them trick you when they say they finished their homework at school.

18. fluttered - My heart fluttered when the teacher said, "No homework on the weekends!"

19. vanished - Yes, there have been times that I have "vanished" into the bathroom with the door locked for 15 minutes or so.

20. recognized - And yes, I have recognized that I love my children with all my heart, homework and all. :o)

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