Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Fun Day...It's the little things...

This past weekend, I really wanted to find something fun and exciting to do. I've really been craving being outside in pretty spring like weather, so I was hoping to find something outdoorsy to do. We looked at going to Mayfest, which is an outdoor art/music festival, and something new called "Spring in the Square" which was a gardening show in a pretty part of town with kids activities and free snowcones (and who doesn't love a free snowcone?!) But, well, this IS Oklahoma after all...the Bipolar weather state. We had iffy weather coming in, and we didn't want to chance it.

So, we kind of played it by ear, like usual. First, we went to the "dollar" theatre and saw the move "The Host." One thing I LOVE about my kids being older now is that we can go see movies that are not necessarily animated, lol. I still pore over the ratings - my favorite website for deciding what is or is not appropriate for my little blessings is James Dobson's Focus On the Family Plugged In site. Click here to check it out. I love how it gives very accurate, and objective, reviews in regards to language, violence, and sexuality, as well as spiritual elements. It is extremely helpful. Anyway, based on the review for "The Host" I decided it would be ok for my kids to see. Other than one scene that was a little racier than I expected, it was a really good movie and my kids really liked it (and so did we!)

We then decided it was snack time, so we went to Wendy's for Frosties - YUM!

You don't know what it took to get this picture...they were not feeling very photogenic that day, lol!

Then we went to Barnes & Noble book store. We knew we were going to go eat dinner somewhere, so where better to kill some time, right? I didn't buy anything, but came out with a long list of books to request at the library, lol!

After breathing in the lovely smell of books and coffee for an hour, we went and ate dinner at one of our favorite pizza buffets, CiCi's. It's not the world's greatest pizza, but it's cheap, and has great variety!

After stuffing ourselves, we decided to go home and break out some games. Billy had bought a new one on clearance awhile back and we hadn't tried it out yet. It's called Imaginiff.

Here is another benefit to having older blessings...the games are a little more fun! We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!

Sometimes the best days are ones that aren't perfectly planned out. The little things can be just as much fun as big, exciting events!

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