Thursday, May 16, 2013

A return to summer....and blogging!

Alright, so if you look at the posts on here, you'll see that I am basically "resurrecting" an old blog. My sister-in-law, Tracy, has been "hinting" that I get back into keeping up this blog with all my family's happenings. Our life is so incredibly busy during the school year (between working, going to school full time, soccer, basketball, color guard, opera, etc.) that I just couldn't fathom the thought of sitting down at the end of the day to blog. Now that summer is here, and our hectic life has slowed back down, it's a great time to blog about the things we are doing during our break. I can't promise that I'll keep it up once school starts up again...but, we'll give it a go anyway! :)

By the way, you should really check out Tracy's blog here. She is a terrific blogger and has an adorable family!

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  1. Ahhh!!! Thanks for mentioning me! I love that you are back in the blogging mode.