Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Reading Program Kickoff!

In case you don't know me...I kinda like books. Ok, not really - I LOVE them! Reading is my passion; I am going to school to be a school media specialist, and I currently work as a library assistant for our school system. So, one of the summer activities I most look forward to is our local library's summer reading program. My kids all love to read, however, in the summer they tend to veg out with their electronics more than I like. So, I try to find fun ways to encourage them to read every day. The library's program rewards them for visiting the library and reading by giving them these really awesome coupon books upon completion of the program. There are usually coupons for free passes to the zoo, aquarium, space museum, sporting events, and free food at local restaurants.

Today we went to a "kickoff party" at one of the local branches. They had lots of little activities going on, but they were more geared to the younger patrons. (waaaaaaah, my kids are big! lol) However, they did have cookies and punch, so Natalie, Emily, and Stephen were happy, lol! And we got signed up for the program, and of course did some browsing!

Yep, they managed to find a "few" things to read (and yes, I found a few more for myself too!)...Stephen came home with more than 10 books! We look forward to many hours of reading, and many more visits to the library this summer! 

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  1. First, you have no idea how excited that I am that you are back to blogging! Second, I didn't know there was a kick off party today. I think we are going on Saturday. =)